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Custom made-to-measure curtains

Beautiful curtains using designer fabrics custom made for your home
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How to measure for new curtains

Here's our helpful guide on how to measure for bespoke made-to-order curtains. 

Measuring the width of the curtains will depend on the size of your pole or track. The length of the curtains will depend on where you want the curtains to finish. To help us at Ambience Interiors to provide you with an accurate quote for your bespoke, made-to-measure curtains, below we have a guide on how to measure for curtains. Alternatively if you live within a 30 miles radius of Marlborough, Wiltshire you can arrange a free measuring service and consultation with our interior designer, who will also help you to choose the perfect fabric for your curtains. 

Measuring windows for curtain width

  1. To get a more accurate measurement we recommend using a metal tape. Your curtain pole or track should ideally be positioned at least 15cm (6”) above the window and be approximately 20cm (8”) wider than the window on either side.

  2. To measure the curtain width if you are using a curtain track measure the whole track. If you are using a curtain pole measure the length of the pole, excluding the finials (decorative ends for the pole).

How to measure curtain width 

Measuring windows for curtain drop

  1. To measure the curtain length, firstly you need to decide where you would like the curtains to finish. If you would like sill length curtains they should finish 15cm (6”) below the sill, to exclude draughts and light effectively. If you would like floor length curtains they should ideally finish 1cm (1/4”) above the floor to prevent wear on the hems.

  2. If using a pole, measure the length from the curtain ring to where you want the curtains to finish. For a track measure from the track runner (where the curtain attaches to the pole) to where you want the curtains finish.

How to measure curtain drop

Note: For eyelet and tab top headings you will need to measure from the top of the pole. These two headings are only suitable for poles.

Extra tips: If you have a radiator below your window we recommend your curtains finish 3cm (1 ½ “) above it, so any heat coming from it is free to circulate into the room.

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