How to measure

Before you start to measure your window for your blinds you need to decide whether the blinds will be positioned in the recess of the window or on the outside of the window.

We recommend that you use a metal tape for a more accurate reading.

How to measure blinds

To measure for blind positioned in the recess of the window:

1. Ensure the recess is free from anything that may obstruct the blind when it is fully extended, such as tiles or window handles.

2. Measure the width by measuring the distance between the two inside walls, we recommend doing this in several places to give the most accurate reading (A - B).

3. To measure the drop, measure inside the window from the sill to the top (C - D). See the diagram below.


How to measure for blinds


To measure for a blind positioned outside of the recess:

1. Firstly decied on how much you want the blind to overlap the window, we suggest at least 5cm on all sides.

2. To measure the width measure from where you have allowed for the overlap on one side to the other side (E - F).

3. To measure the drop measure from the overlap at the top to the bottom (G - H). See the diagram below. Please note: When measuring for a roller blind the material will be approximately 3.5cm less than the overall blind you must allow for this.


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