Glossary of Terms

Home accessories - A home accessory is any item that can be used to decorate your home, such as an ornament, candle, picture frame for example.


Lined - Lined curtains have an ivory coloured lining hand-sewn onto the back of the curtain fabric, which protects the fabric from the elements.

Blackout Lining - This is an ideal option for a bedroom where you want to restrict the light coming in from the window.

Interlined - Interlining is a padding which is sewn in between the lining and the curtain fabric to add a luxurious feel. Interlined curtains also minimise any draft that may come through the window.  

Finial - A decorative end to a pole, which come in many designs and finishes. They can be matched to the colour of the pole or provide a contrast to the pole.

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